L'huile mascriti(ph) (Haitian Black Castor Oil) is a staple item in most Haitian households. My mother, Yolande Dalcé always had a bottle of this "magic" oil in our home. We used it to maintain our thick healthy mane, cure skin conditions, and yes, ailments too. My mother was very knowledgeable of the beneficial properties of plants and she genuinely loved them.  We always had an abundance of plants in our home, including a small lemon tree plant. My mother would use the skin and leaves of these lemons to exfoliate my skin, resulting in my skin feeling soft and smelling divine. If I was congested, she would add lemon, peppermint and orange leaves to my steamy bathwater, releasing a burst of the most wonderful, aromatic, soothing scent into the air, clearing my congestion immediately.  If I had trouble sleeping, she would brew a tea of soursop leaves, and I would drift off to sleep in no time. I took mental notes and did the same for my daughters.  Now, you might wonder how or where she got all this information from. Well....

My mother grew up on a farm in Haiti (Ayiti). She was surrounded by wild plants, trees, flowers, and fruits. From a very early age, my maternal grandmother passed down generational lessons to my mother about the plants in the environment, their use, and benefits. As a result, my mother developed a love for flora and had a gift that allowed her to grow just about anything. I too, was born in Haiti and have memories of my mother incorporating these plants and flowers when treating certain ailments and into my hair and skincare routine. While in Haiti with her in 2015, I developed an allergic reaction from a mosquito bite.  My mother broke off a piece of leaf from a cactus plant in her yard, cleansed the bite and applied the mucilage on the area.  I literally watched the swelling go down, redness fade and itching stop immediately.  The area that was once warm (due to the possible infection) began to cool down.  Needless to say, I was amazed. That spurred a lesson about the cactus plant growing in the yard, behind her bedroom window.  

In 2017 we lost my mother.  Struggling to heal, I realized that when I immersed myself in the lessons she taught me, it was comforting.  In 2018 I traveled to Haiti and brought back an abundance of dried leaves (from her yard), and seed oils (hand made).  Along with the usual hair treatment oil, I decided to create a remedy for my grandson who struggled with dry skin. My grandson's skin became hydrated, soft and even-toned. I shared that concoction with friends and family and was encouraged, especially by Mrs. Igbego Ogwuche of Brand & Art, to share this with the world.  So, in 2018, I hired a chemist, looked into the legalities and began researching the chemical properties of plants and thus Sabyolé Beauté was born.

Sabyolé Beauté (sounds like Sab𑁦e𑁦yo𑁦ley) is a comprehensive plant-based skin and hair care cosmetic company, created to memorialize and share the gift of generational knowledge and respect for flora gifted to me by my mother, Yolande Dalcé, a vintage beauty.  Stay tuned, we have so much in store for you!