Facial Oils; The Misconceptions, Best Practices and More

There’s a lot of misconception within the world of skincare, especially when it comes to facial oils. Some of the misconceptions about facial oils are (a) leaves your skin greasy; (b) cannot be used on acne-prone skin; (c) causes acne or breakout; (c) are only for certain skin types; (d) clog pores; and (e) makes your skin oilier.

Misconceptions surrounding facial oils may be the reason many are losing out on the plethora of benefits that come with using facial oils. For maximum benefit, application and selecting the right oils are very important. Let's explore this further and hopefully shed some light on the subject and support your journey to healthy, glowing, brighter skin!

When Should You Use Facial Oils For The Best Effect

One of the most important elements in skincare is the order by which you apply different products. Facial oils are usually saved for last as it can be difficult for other skincare products to penetrate the skin past the oil’s dense layer. In general, this means you’ will apply the facial oil as the last step of your nightly routine or before putting on sunscreen in the morning.  

If facial oil is used in the morning before applying sunscreen, keep in mind that it may interfere with the protection offered by your sunscreen. To assure you don't negate the effects of your sunscreen, apply your facial oil at night.  Oils may cause your sunscreen to dissolve faster in the way that your own natural oils do.  Therefore, if your preference is to use your facial oil in the morning, make sure to wait a few minutes, allowing your facial oil to completely absorbed into your skin before applying sunscreen.  

When applying the oils to the skin, make sure to dab and pat the oil down onto your pores while smoothly pressing the oil onto your face and neck.  This helps with the absorption of the oils and make use of the benefits quicker. Since all the nutrients are concentrated into the oils, you’ll only need a small amount to properly cover your face 3 to 4 drops is usually sufficient. Just a few drops is all that is necessary to deliver the benefits of your luxurious face oil.

Facial Oils and Serums; To Combine or not

Some skincare experts and specialists support combining certain products. In certain cases, this may offer enhanced effects.  Doing so, gives you the ability to customize and better fit your skin's particular needs.  You might then ask the question, should you combine your facial oil with a serum.   While it is not necessary, you can  use facial oils with serums, it is a matter of persona preference.  Facial oils and serum play different roles. The purpose of facial oils is to protect the skin from environmental stressors, lock in moisture, repair the natural barrier of your skin, and deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to your skin.  Whereas serums usually address a specific skin issue.

However, a really good facial oil can serve multiple roles, and address most skin issues as does a serum.  Plant-based facial oils contain a multitude of properties including active ingredients to achieve certain effects on the skin. Luxurious face oils that contain Vitamin E, C or seed/fruit oils containing Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids protect and provide much needed hydration while addressing skin issues.

When choosing your facial oil, consider one without water and fragrance.  Although not recommended by skincare experts, some facial oils contain fragrance which is an irritant. Rest assured, Sabyolé Beauté’s luxurious face oils are always fragrance free.

Facial Oils and Your Own Skin Type

There’s a lot of ways to incorporate facial oils into your routine but it’s best to know why using them is important. A good facial oil will contain properties and ingredients that are effective against anti-aging, blemishes, acne and a variety of skin issues to lock in your youthful looks.

If you to have oily skin, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefits from the use of facial oils. Certain types of facial oils can help to mitigate acne causing issue as they help regulate sebum; an oily substance produced by your skin’s glands. Inflammation is also soothed by certain oils which further helps to regulate the amount of oil your skin naturally produces.

The belief that facial oils cause acne breakouts is actually farther from the truth then you might think.  If your facial oil is derived from plant-based ingredients, it will most likely not cause acne to appear. However, heavy, comedogenic oils and synthetic oils do have a greater chance of causing breakouts. If your skin is prone to acne, you may want to consider dry oils that contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties like the ingredients in Sabyolé Beauté’s Luxe Smoothing Oil.

Sabyolé Beauté's Facial Oil Collection

If you’re looking for the best facial oil treatment, then our specially curated blend of facial oils can give you exactly what you need. Here at Sabyolé Beauté, we've formulated a collection of facial oils making use of nature's flora. This natural take on facial oils is our way of proving that beauty and nature can be intertwined to produce actual visible results.

An example is our Silk Line which makes use of oils from Haitian Black Castor Seed, Moringa Seed, Lemon Extract, and a mix of vitamins and minerals. Made for repairing skin and giving it a moisturized glow, and to grow strong, healthy strands. Reclaim and renew the beauty in you with our Plant-based oil collection.

For more information, you can go check out our online catalog here at Sabyolé Beauté. We have multiple beauty products all based all special curated with a team of chemist to meet your skin and hair needs. We offer free shipping on certain orders within the United States so you won’t miss out on any of our items!

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